We get our share of celebrities and VIPs, many of whom need to augment their executive protection details with localImage professional bodyguards from bodyguard services in Miami. No venue or company wants to end up on the ten o’clock news because of a security crisis that happened on its doorstep.

They need a highly competent security company that provides Bodyguard Services Miami and works closely with major corporations to insure that they have a cohesive security plan in place. Such a company must be able to provide close personal protection for VIP’s, celebrities, corporate clientele & other high-profile at risk individuals.

Very few cities can boast of having such a service available for their own VIPs, let alone visiting ones. When the major player in the area of personal security is needed for South Florida the name to know is Hamsa Bodyguard Services in Miami.
Providing the best in bodyguard and executive protection services for VIPs is how Hamsa became one of our nation’s top security companies.

The person that is positioned to save your life must be someone you can really trust, Hamsa Security will ensure you get only the best professionals in the business! Executive protection is their specialty and they ensure through background checks, training, testing and personal experience that the client is matched with the best bodyguards available.

Past experience in highly stressful environments and the ability to deal with hostile encounters, understanding the danger the situation presents and what to do next are an absolute must. Hamsa bodyguard services in Miami employs former government, law enforcement and military personnel plus graduates from the top U.S. schools for bodyguard training and maintains a database that can quickly identify the right potential bodyguard based on client-specific requirements. Hamsa personnel have undergone training in the special situations arising around politicians and diplomats. Hamsa will obtain all the necessary permits required to give the principal the best possible protection against both domestic and international threats.

Hamsa Personal Bodyguard Miami understands the numerous skills that make a bodyguard incredibly effective. This is why they require that all those they employ receive ongoing in-depth training and refresher courses. This ensures that they are able to provide the superior level of security that is expected from them.

Uniformed, high-profile bodyguards are offered as well as plain-clothes protection teams for situations that require more discrete security. Security plans are adapted to suit the particular needs of the clients and all bodyguards are trained to quickly adapt to changing situations very well. This allows the security team to handle unpredictable events and undesirable elements with ease while offering a consistent level of security at all times, regardless of any changing threats. For more information visit us at http://www.hamsasecurity.com